Protection Built In

The essence of every solution developed by VoyagerBlue stems back to the 35 years spent delivering advanced passenger processing technology to the world’s travel industry, including airports, airlines, and governments responsible for securing borders.

Passport wallets and other holding devices such as sleeves have a detrimental effect on the ability of the travel industry to process passengers, as cards and passports have to be removed at an inspection point or at a Metro barrier, prior to processing. If the passengers of an Airbus A380 arrive at immigration at the same time, seconds by the individual becomes minutes and hours for border management.

VoyagerBlue concentrated on ‘inserts’ inserts that simply, quickly, and securely slip inside wallets, purses and passports, allowing secured documents to function under our control efficiently.

Furthermore, sliding a shield next to the card or cards we want protecting allows the use of existing wallets and purses, while allowing a Metro card to function without having to be removed, and protecting other cards from accidental payment.

The integrated technology used was specifically designed for VB in 2005 by a UK university. The brief was to find a solution to protect 13.56 MHz RFID documents, with maximum protection, production efficiency and longevity, with no degradation in shielding performance.

By comparison, sleeves utilise extremely thin aluminium foil, are generally disposable and can degrade over a short time, forming microscopic cracks which can allow the RF to penetrate. They are also time consuming to use because to the need to remove a card and replace it each time.

We offer a 98% passive shielding capability for up to three contactless cards, carried correctly, a UK manufactured ISO standard plastic card offering front and back branding space. A VB card shield offers all the simplicity of use, robustness and longevity needed to protect a client for many years via a shielded business card, member card, loyalty card or marketing giveaway or membership bundle.

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