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Promotional Gift Award 2017 – And the winners are…

A bottle top made of silicon that can be used to reseal bottles of beer or lemonade, drinkable fruit gums, a pepper mill that sounds like an Audi sports car when grinding the pepper, a breakfast tray as a key element of a cross-media tooth decay protection campaign or the new merchandising collection of the TV station ZDF – all of these are not only excellent examples for the diversity and creativity of haptic advertising, they are indeed five of the 49 prize winners of the Promotional Gift Award 2017.

Over a period of two days on December 12 and 13, the jury scrutinised and tested the in total 248 entries in Altenberg near Cologne – now the winners have been announced. “We are impressed by the quality and creativity of this year’s entries. It was a neck-and-neck race in the case of many of the products,” was the unanimous conclusion of the panel of experts.

The Promotional Gift Award has been conferred by the German publishing company, WA Media, since 2003 and distinguishes cleverly devised promotional products and campaigns involving haptic advertising in eight categories. This year six products won in the rubric “Give-aways”, ten in the category “Communicative Products” and five in the “Premium Products & Brand Articles” section. There were eight award winners in the rubric “Custom- made Designs”, eleven in the category “Best Practice”. Two products were distinguished in
the “Merchandising” area, one in the category “Packaging” and six in the rubric “Customising Technologies”.

A list of all of the winners can be found at

All of the entries submitted were appraised by five industry experts: Nana Kreyenberg (Volkswagen Zubehör, Wolfsburg), Michael Mätzener (diewerbeartikel gmbh, CH-Schwyz), Michael Scherer (WA Media, Cologne), Michael Witzorrek (NDR Media, Hamburg) and Martin Zettl (marke|ding|, A-Wels).

The award-winning products will be presented to a broad marketing trade audience at the HAPTICA® live ‘17 on March 22, 2017 at the World Conference Center Bonn/Germany in the scope of a special exhibition. Furthermore, the award ceremony will also be held at the HAPTICA® live ‘17.

The organiser of the Promotional Gift Award is the Cologne-based publishing company, WA Media, organisers of the HAPTICA® live and publishers of the trade magazines eppi magazine, Werbeartikel Nachrichten, Promotion Products and HAPTICA®.

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