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Promotion at the speed of technology

Technology and gadgets change fast, so there are always plenty of questions. Matt Pluckrose comes up with some rapid-fire answers

1) What are the main upcoming technologies that are going to impact promotional merchandise?

Areas to keep an eye on are app driven gadgets, virtual reality, growth of health and well-being devices, wearable technology, and wireless charging in relation to what Apple does with iPhone 7.

2) Is promotional merchandise still going to be dominated by non-tech items like old-fashioned mugs and pens?

NO! The next generation of young marketers will not be interested in this type of product – they won’t drink coffee. They have been brought up with tablets and stylus touch screens, gadgets and accessories to the latest smart digital tools. Product life cycles are changing at very fast rates, so what was hot six months ago is quickly out of vogue.

3) What about 3D printing?

It’s great for proofing and proving an idea, but at current levels this technology will probably not be up to mass production of business products – but never say never.

4) Range has been an issue with Bluetooth. What’s on the horizon to improve connectivity? 

The next generation of Bluetooth looks to be a big step forward, called BT 4.0 or Smart – this is what is driving much of the Internet of Things (IoT) and health devices.

5) Is the ‘Internet of Things’ just Bluetooth by another name?

Bluetooth is one of the bridges of data sharing. IoT is the concept of interconnectivity of devices to work and communicate without necessarily the input of humans. It’s data sharing to move civilisation forward and make all our digital devices work smarter.

6) What about AI and robots? Could we all become redundant?

Hopefully not. Robots and especially driverless cars will be big in the next two to three years. By 2020, we could be jumping into a driverless Uber taxi and getting it to take us to work or home from the pub.

7) What technology will be the hot favourite in 2016-17?

Wireless charging (depending on a true global adopted standard), plus health-wellbeing wearable tech.

8) How will 5G have an impact on promotional merchandising?

5G will aid and assist our remote ‘Nomad’ working speed and effectiveness, as well as movie-media streaming. We will have the freedom to work and play anywhere.

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