Plato Group expands its market position with a majority interest in Compacon BV

Helmond/Barendrecht, 9 January 2017

As of 1 January 2017, the Plato Group, parent company of Clipper BV and IGO-POST BV and active as an importer and distributor of printed promotional materials for over 70 years now, has acquired a majority interest in Compacon BV, a leading distributor of promotional products and premiums. This takeover comes with considerable strategic advantages and future opportunities for both parties.

“We are a strong international direct marketing player that has been fulfilling our customers’ needs regarding increasing brand awareness, strengthening relations, and supporting marketing campaigns for many years now. With both Clipper and IGO-POST, we have managed to attain a strong position in both the indirect and direct channel. Our group’s strategic course is focused on market expansion and increasing our footprint in all of Europe,” Frans-Jozef Maas, CEO of the Plato Group, explains. “Compacon’s full-service character, which puts service provision, account management, worry-free services, and creativity first and foremost, lines up well with our vision of being able to service the entire market. With Compacon, we will be able to service a market segment that supplements our current activities. As such, we are very happy to welcome Compacon to the group,” says Maas.

“For Compacon, this new collaboration is a great next step to push the boundaries further. Being part of the Plato Group will provide us with a springboard to access a large international network of European branches and continue our operations on an international scale,” says Ton Löbker, CEO of Compacon BV. “Moreover, I am convinced that scale, integral supply chain management, internationalisation and customer-oriented (IT) processes are going to be the determining factors for success in the future. By collaborating with the Plato Group, we are not only creating many synergy advantages, but also creating the necessary preconditions that will allow us to expand on our current successes. As such, we look to our joined future with great confidence and ambition,’ Löbker finishes.

About Plato Group
The Plato Group, parent company of Clipper BV and IGO-POST BV, has been operating as an international importer and distributor of printed promotional products since 1945. Plato Group has its main offices in Helmond, housing the main warehouse and the various printing facilities, and has branch offices in Belgium, Germany, England, France, and Denmark. Together, these service several client segments throughout Europe.

About Compacon BV
Compacon BV, founded in 1992, is a leading distributor of promotional products. It has offices in Barendrecht and Eindhoven and employs a team of 31 people, who work to take care of the promotional product needs of medium- to large-scale organisations, companies, and institutions, both within the Netherlands and abroad. Compacon’s core activities consist of corporate premium programmes, sales promotion and marketing campaigns, custom-made products, and web shop solutions.
Compacon will continue to operate as an independent organisation within Plato Group, and continue its own business operations under the Compacon name. Ton Löbker, co-founder of Compacon alongside Raymond Vos, will continue as CEO of Compacon BV as a minority shareholder. Raymond Vos will be selling his shares and quitting Compacon BV.

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