Plastic challenge could be opportunity

Prime Minister Theresa May plans to ban all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042. About 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste have been generated globally by 2015, with almost 80% going to landfill.

Despite the 5p tax on plastic bags, more than 2.1bn plastic bags were still sold. By contrast, Bangladesh banned all carrier bags in 2002.

A petition to reduce and end single use plastics received almost 12,000 signatures, so how could this affect the UK promotions industry? John Godfrey, managing director of bottled water supplier Just a Drop, commented on a potential tax.

“Bottled water for events is still a low cost branded option and while this may have some impact, those that see the value in offering visitors a bottle of water will continue to do so, however there are a lot of unanswered questions currently.”

Mark Alderson, managing director, First Editions said that since Blue Planet he can’t make the company’s Bio waterbottles quick enough, the demand is so great.

Meanwhile, in the US California is considering a bill that would require clothing makers to put a warning label on garments that contain more than 50% polyester. Microfibers that shed from fabric when it’s washed can end up polluting oceans and threatening sea life. Studies have found that microfibers comprise up to 85% of debris on shorelines.

If Bill 2379 passes, polyester apparel sold in California, starting in 2020, would need the labelling, explaining that the garment sheds plastic microfibers when machine washed and should instead be hand-washed.

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