Photo mug investigation

In the last edition of Product Media, we covered the issues surrounding false claims made on dishwasher safe photo mugs. This research was based on Far East imported blank mugs with various coatings on them.

UK decorator Keramikos was keen to highlight to PM magazine that its Millennium coating had passed the required tests and have presented us with test certificates from Luciden the same organisation that carried out the tests on behalf of the BPMA.

Keramikos commercial director Godfrey O’Donnell, said: “We are clearly behind any organisation or association in striving to improve the image and professionalism of the promotional industry.

Testing and compliance of product to the exacting standards required by the end user is not only a way forward in achieving that professionalism but also away of separating the professional trade only suppliers who are committed to the continued growth and integrity of the promotional industry.”

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