PF Concept creates new paper and apparel offerings

PF Concept has launched its own paper manufacturing facility in Blackpool to add a new self-produced promotional paper range to its portfolio of made in UK products with competitive pricing and fast delivery. The company’s varied product collection now includes a wide range of paper products, from sticky notes, notebooks and desk calendars to notepads, blockmates and combi notes.

For all items a large selection of decoration possibilities is available. Orders can be processed immediately and completely independently without any involvement of third parties. This makes a big difference in terms of speed and leads to faster deliveries. Pieter Boonekamp, senior vice president sales & marketing Europe, PF Concept, said the move meant the company was no longer just a supplier.

“We make our own products now and can sell them directly to our customers. With this we are taking a unique path in the industry. A great advantage because we can provide more efficient and faster service and less expensive products.” The company has also introduced its Superheroes concept to apparel promising it is the fastest and easiest way to order a branded T-shirt or cap without hassle or delay.

Superheroes offers two-day printing on up to 250 items from a Polish factory equipped with specially customised machines. The caps and T-shirts are available in 20 colours and a range of sizes up to 5XL.


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