Penn is ‘hot’ Stateside

Sarah Penn, managing director of Outstanding Branding has been selected as one of the ASI (Advertising Speciality Institute) Counsellor magazine’s ‘Hot 25’ for 2016.

Published annually by the American trade body that represents the advertising specialty industry, Counsellor picked Penn for her strong-willed character and noted, “It takes a certain kind of moxie to start your company in 2009, right in the middle of a recession, and in the UK no less, as Europe really took it on the chin economically.”

Penn said: “To have been voted into this hot list is a phenomenal honour – I’m overwhelmed and extremely proud to have even been considered. I consider this to be an honour that reflects the endeavours and achievements of the whole company – all of #teamOB work so hard to build, maintain and enhance our reputation not just in the UK but also over the Pond, so I thank the whole team for their support.”

Counsellor is distributed to more than 35,000 distributor companies in America.

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