Pen Warehouse Develop Digital Printing on Rubberised Pens

Although soft-feel aluminium pens are growing in popularity, laser engraving alone as a method for branding is proving to have limited appeal. As a result of six months of intensive research and development, The Pen Warehouse are pleased to announce that they have developed a system to print full colour onto soft-feel rubberised aluminium pens.

To celebrate this success, they are even offering FREE origination and FREE carriage on this range.

The range currently comprises five such pens, including the Electra Classic LT Soft Ballpen, available in an array of light colours, and the Electra Classic DK Soft Touch Ballpen, with a handy touchscreen stylus. Each benefits from the soft-feel rubberised barrel to give a pleasurable writing experience. These pens are ideal for laser engraving, with the aluminium base metal revealed to give a pleasing aesthetic, but digital printing now offers a whole new world of branding options.

The Electra Soft-Feel Ballpen range is available on a 5-day standard lead time with digital printing.

For more information, contact or call 01252 400 270.

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