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Promotional Gift Award 2017 – And the winners are…

A bottle top made of silicon that can be used to reseal bottles of beer or lemonade, drinkable fruit gums, a pepper mill that sounds like an Audi sports car when grinding the pepper, a breakfast tray as a key element of a cross-media tooth decay protection campaign or the new merchandising collection of the TV station ZDF – all of these are not only excellent examples for the diversity and creativity of haptic advertising, they are indeed five of the 49 prize winners of the Promotional Gift Award 2017.

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Hype Branding is Expanding!

Hertfordshire based distributor Hype Branding has recently welcomed new members into the team, following some exciting project wins and results.

Sarah Weeks joins as Sales Administrator and is a well-known name in the industry, having gained previous experience within BTC Activewear.

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HAPTICA® live ’17: Impossible not to feel

In a (marketing) world that becomes more digital all the time, the communications with customers often become fleeting and less tangible. However, trade visitors, who attend the HAPTICA® live ’17 in Bonn/Germany will experience that marketing can also be sensual and concrete: On March 22, 2017 the “Experience of Haptic Advertising” at the World Conference Center Bonn will present marketing tools that are impossible not to feel and that convey long-lasting advertising messages to the target group.

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New trade show promises to unite the industry

The BPMA and Sourcing City are delighted to announce the creation of Merchandise World.

Merchandise World, their new jointly owned event, has been formed by bringing together The BPMA Show and Sourcing City Marketplace. It will take place on
19-20 September, 2017 at NAEC Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

The BPMA will independently run the prestigious BPMA Annual Awards Dinner on the evening of 19 September 2017, with Promotional Products Week running a week or two later, enabling BPMA members to proactively promote products discovered at Merchandise World.

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US-made merchandise boosted by presidential campaign

With the US presidential election on 8 November, a new president will soon be in place in the White House.

One interesting aspect of the main campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was the role of merchandise. Always an important aspect in grass roots campaigning, merchandise has arguably become of even greater importance due to the relative decline in the role of traditional TV advertising.

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Warning: Fraudulent Distributor

An extremely important advisory for suppliers was issued recently to BPMA Account Assyst subscribers as a part of the BPMA Credit Management Service.

This particular advisory highlights many of the reasons why having the most robust credit management systems in place and access to the important data that generates early warning alerts is absolutely vital to industry suppliers of all size and standing.

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Ignite race day remains a favourite

The Ignite Group returned to Warwick Racecourse on 29 September for its annual exhibition and race day.

Another record turnout of 42 supplier companies brought 54 people and 40 distributors. The weather was once again kind, even if not quite on a par with the previous year’s balmy heat wave. It should be noted that as the racing calendar returns to an October event next year.

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Don’t Stagnate, Innovate

How does the UK promotional industry keep innovating and what we can we learn from other industries, asks Diane Anderton?

There’s one question I am always asked every time I meet with a customer, whether at an event, site visit or meeting: “What’s new?”

The pressure on promotional product suppliers to keep on innovating and introducing new products and processes has never been greater, as distributors seek to increase the appeal of promotional products to end users.

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BPMA warns of price increases as pound weakens

Further to a meeting of leading industry suppliers that was held recently, the BPMA has been asked to advise its membership, in relation to the pressure that suppliers of imported goods paid in US dollars, are facing.

While the majority of professional suppliers have so far resisted publishing new price lists, with the hope of addressing this in January, it is now apparent that they are no longer in a position to sustain existing prices. Distributors should be aware that there are price increases on the way, and should show a level of understanding of the necessity to do so.

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Awards Night Recognises and Gives Back

The BPMA presented the new look BPMA awards event at Whittlebury Hall, following the BPMA Show at Silverstone. Around 250 guests from the promotional merchandise industry got together for a great evening of fun, networking and recognition. The evening was compered by director general Gordon Glenister.

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SPS launches StixToGo in the UK and Europe

SPS has secured a licensing agreement with StixToGo to manufacture and supply its innovative hot drinks cup accessory to the UK and European promotional market, as part of its Americano range.

StixToGo is a simple yet effective ‘stopper’ used in take-out coffee cups, to eliminate splashes and spills. It snaps firmly into the sipping hole of a lid, and will also retain 40% more heat in the mug. Available in more than 30,000 stores worldwide, the StixToGo brand is now available for the promotional market in the UK and Europe, through SPS.

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Xindao Celebrates 30 Years in the Industry

Dutch-based giant Xindao celebrates 30 years in the promotional gift industry this January. The company employs more than 300 people, 60 in Shanghai, 150 in Romania and 90 in Holland, with a further 20 representatives in different countries.

The company’s founders came up with the name from the Chinese words Xin and Dao meaning ‘new’ ‘direction’. PM asked CEO Albert van Der Veen (pictured) what have been some of the reasons why Xindao has stood the test of time.

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Happy People Sell

Almost everyone who runs a company knows that people are the most important asset to a business. Properly run organisations place a great deal of emphasis on recruiting and the interview process in order to build their talent base. Unfortunately, often the investment in people stops there and with time the business is left with a dissatisfied under-performing team.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce, or better phrased by Nev Williams’ from the BBC’s The Call Centre “happy people sell”. It is a catchy phrase that we would all agree with.

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Allwag conjures up charity evening

Allwag Promotions was delighted to host a unique event to personally thank their key suppliers for supporting them over the past year. A Magical Night with Allwag Promotions was attended by 85 people at the Lion Inn, Chelmsford, where they were stunned and amazed by the talented Nick Crown.

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Ask Clive – Staff Uniforms: An Opportunity To Sell

Over the last few editions of Product Media we have discussed general workwear and highlighted promotional clothing. This month’s article is focused on branded clothing as a work uniform. What a perfect opportunity to enter the clothing market – every day you make contact with a company branded person. Why not become the supplier of those uniforms?

Promotional clothing can be used in a variety of ways, each with distinct benefits to the end user. If your customer requires a uniform, then you should emphasise certain benefits when presenting.

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Education Day Delivers Global Voices

The BPMA held its 4th Annual Education Day and was enthusiastically welcomed by members of the association – more than 90% of attendees felt that it had exceeded their expectations. Around 140 attended the event on 13 September at Whittlebury Hall, close to Silverstone where the BPMA show was held on the following day.

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