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Take full Advantage

The Advantage Group made a return to Sopwell House Hotel and Country Club, St Albans to celebrate its 17th annual catalogue launch and awards dinner. 

A record attendance ensured a fun, lively atmosphere with Group Member of the Year being picked up by Mojo Promotions. Outstanding Branding and Stay Sourced, the Group’s most consistent award winners, collected Highly Commended positions, while Initial Incentives took the position of Commended.

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Lights, Camera, Action

Suzi Jones, managing director of Narrative Glue Creative explains why video should be part of your marketing strategy

Online video content is fast becoming the most engaging medium. If you are not already using video to promote your business, then perhaps it’s time to start thinking about integrating some it into your marketing strategy.

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Q: Applique vs traditional embroidery – which is best for you and your customer?

A: Are you aware that you have options when it comes to embroidery? You can choose to go with the standard, more traditional type of embroidery which we use on a daily basis, or you can use a different technique called applique.

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Don’t Despair – Prepare

The vote by the UK to exit from the European Union has created a period of uncertainty for businesses as they ponder how a process, which is still being defi ned, will affect them. The early signs have been troubling with sterling falling, concerns over investment in the UK, uncertainty about the employment status of foreign workers, and growth figures weakening.

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Industry education for TC staff

TC Branding Group new recruits, Lucy Wilson, Katie Molloy and Marc Keinch have successfully passed their TPM qualification after only six months in the promotional merchandise industry. 

John Markham, sales manager, TC Branding Group said: “We are very proud of the efforts they have made to study for the first part of the Professional Development Programme as we consider this an essential part of their induction when joining the company.”

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The Next Level of Connectivity

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) looks set to change our world in the same way the internet did. Latest forecasts are putting the number of IoT devices globally at 25 billion units by 2020. 

But what exactly is the IoT and what impact is it going to have on us?

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Embrace Change

In uncertain times, change can be frightening, but businesses must adapt to uncertain times, says Phil Morgan, CEO of SPS

We all know it’s a fundamental in life that change is the only constant. 

In any industry, we face the inevitable transitional weathers of financial circumstances, a changeable customer base, popularity of promo items, adjusting marketing budgets and also shifts in trends within the market. Change is the new normal for leadership success and all leaders must accept this fact. 

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Encore Catalogue Group has launched its fifth catalogue alongside announcing the winners of its supplier and distributor awards.

More than 100 members and suppliers enjoyed an informal lunch at the Whittlebury Park Hotel in Northamptonshire followed by a table-top exhibition supported by nearly 50 of the 80 suppliers to the group. 

The awards for the 2014/15 campaign were presented by Encore account director Diane Jaggard and colleague Ashley Abrahamson. They named Senator as the winner of Supplier of the Year, with PF Concepts second and Juniper Products third.

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National Pen inks CSR policy

National Pen has demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) with a policy which has been drafted in line with the core pillars in Ireland’s National Plan on Corporate Social Responsibility 2014-2016.

The Dundalk business has always had a strong sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR). It recognises the value of CSR and is committed to encouraging CSR initiatives across the business.

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Winners On Show

With more than 90 stands representing most of the major players and an array of different features, visitors to the bpma show can expect a great experience.

Visitors will be offered £3,000 worth of trade vouchers (60 £50 vouchers) from many of the exhibitors. Meanwhile, distributors will be able to bring end-user clients to the show.

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Prepare – don’t panic

Employment law is just one area where businesses may be aff ected post-Brexit. Paul Holcroft, head of operations at consultants Croner explains what employers need to know.

Whatever you see, read or hear, all of the impacts we are feeling now from the Brexit vote are caused by our reaction to the prospect of Brexit, not Brexit per se. Never was the instruction “Don’t Panic!” more apt. Remember, nothing has changed within UK employment law.

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Raising the Standard

Educating the industry and raising standards and best practice remain high on the bpma’s agenda, through its Charter Status and education programme, says Daniela Arena

The world is changing fast and the demands of our industry are changing just as rapidly. The bpma Charter Status is designed to both develop and, subsequently, achieve the highest standards within our specific niche of the promotional marketing discipline.

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Government funds PSI exhibitors

UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has awarded bpma, a UKTI accredited trade organisation, with 16 £1,500 grants for eligible suppliers exhibiting at PSI, Dusseldorf 2017. The sums can go towards the cost of the stand and exhibition graphics, and marketing material.

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World Domination, One Step at a Time

Set your sights high and look for continual improvement, and who knows where you can take your business, says Neil Horner, divisional head, Laltex Promo

In boardrooms across the world there are countless discussions about how to improve your business, take the company to the next level or in the case of Laltex, how to achieve world domination. (I am serious, there is a sign in our boardroom asking this very question!)

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Be Safe not Sinful After Brexit

Brexit prompts discussion as to how leaving the EU will affect UK business. Mike Collins gives his advice as to how to prepare your credit management for Brexit.

Like any change in the financial status quo, Brexit will impact upon UK business. Initially it will affect the FTSE 100 companies dealing worldwide but in time, the ripples will work their way down the supply chain. 

We at AccountAssyst believe that prevention is always better than cure. With that in mind, this is how we suggest companies avoid the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ of credit management.

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Join the bpma

Join the bpma now! We are committed to leading our industry, representing and supporting our members, and offering true competitive advantage through education and engagement.

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Getting things right from the word ‘Go’

The way you win and retain new business should be based in pride, says Phil Morgan, CEO SPS

We’re all aware of the statistic that retaining an existing customer costs about 10% of the amount it takes to secure a new customer, so there’s a lot to be said for building loyalty. But in a competitive market such as ours, if you want to grow your business you also need to take steps to reach out to new audiences.

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