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Britain Second In €15BN European Merchandise Market

The promotional product industry is booming according to the first research project of its kind investigating the European market. An analysis of expenditure on advertising over the past few years has shown that from year to year, companies in Europe are spending more money on promotional items. In 2018, €15 billion was invested in promotional products in Europe.

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Eco Products – Reducing throw away plastic

Process improvement

The Leather Business has just launched a new range of recycled leather products, The Reco Collection featuring 10 of the best-selling lines manufactured in a unique way. Natural latex avoids using chemicals to stick fibers together. As well as using biodegradable poly bags, when despatching orders, the company reuses all of the packagings and avoids foam or other non-recyclable materials.

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The Sustainablility Maze

As the BPMA launches its sustainability group, Andrew Langley looks at some of the tough questions merchandise has to ask

Let’s be honest, our industry faces a major challenge to convince some, that we don’t just make products that are disposable, ending up in landfill or requiring expensive and specialist (and often unavailable) recycling.

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BPMA – Train and Retain

Research carried out in 2018 indicated that 40% of millennials who don’t receive the necessary on the job training to become more effective in their role will leave their positions within the first year. That’s quite a high percentage, but it’s not only the modern workforce that ranks training and development opportunities in the workplace so highly.

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World record is in the bag

A new Guinness World Record set by eco bag retailer, Cotton Bag Co, enlisting the help of Wiltshire primary school children to decorate the World’s Largest Jute Bag on International Plastic Bag Free Day. Cotton Bag Co’s record-breaking jute bag measured at 22.5m wide by 14.6m high, more than double the size of the previous record.

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BPMA secures PSI grant funding

The BPMA is able to inform suppliers that the Department of International Trade (DIT) has awarded the trade association with 18 grants of £1,500 for eligible suppliers wishing to exhibit at PSI 2020. BPMA head of education, Daniela Arena said: “I am delighted that the BPMA has yet again secured grant funding of £27,000 for the UK promotional merchandise industry”.

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