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The BPMA education program is growing from strength to strength with just over 100 learners currently studying. The demand for a structured industry-specific training program that can be integrated into each business is rising steadily.

Since its launch in March 2013, we have seen more than 500 learners enroll in the program across the TPM, CPM and MPM levels. Learners are noticing how much they are taking in and applying to their day jobs pretty much from the get-go. It gives them the confidence to explain things in a more professional level with the customer. Education and training are firmly on everyone’s agenda for 2019 with many companies incorporating the TPM course into staff inductions.

For those of you who don’t know, the BPMA education program is an online continuous professional development training tool with optional introductory seminars and factory visits. At the BPMA we strongly believe that no matter how many years of industry experience you may have, you can always learn more. It is a training program that can enhance and support a company’s existing training and development program or can be used as a standalone training tool.

Online study Regardless of which course you are working towards, each learner will be expected to study a series of mandatory content. The course then becomes tailored to each individual as you will be required to select content to suit you, your needs and your business. Most managers allow their staff to study at work, allocating one hour a week but many of our driven learners prefer to study in the evenings and weekends when there is less interruption.

Once registered, delegates will have access to a clear, current and easy to navigate online platform. Content is categorised into TPM, CPM, and MPMMandatory and suggested content, and within each of the 14 subject categories. Videos have been created to be engaging and to give an alternative learning method. Under each category, there are related written downloadable documents for those that like to study in a more traditional manner. They will be encouraged to attend a free BPMA education program introductory seminar for group tasks and industry-specific training. Add this learning practice to on the job training and the end results will speak for themselves. It helps produce knowledgeable, confident, industry trained an individual with an appetite to learn and develop further. Who doesn’t want that sort of talent working for them?

Anyone interested in progressing their skills should visit education.bpma. co.uk and sign up.

Demonstrations of the online platform can be provided.

Contact Daniela Arena at the BPMA for details. Daniela@bpma.co.uk or 01372 371 182.

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