New product is no bar to growth

Sow Easy has added the Growbar to its range of seed-based and eco-friendly promotional products.

Designed to look like a chocolate bar, the Growbar comprises themed plant and flower seed collections embedded in an eco-friendly coir bar, a sustainable alternative to peat made from coconut fibre.

Each bar features packaging that provides a large canvas for logos and branding. Developed to be simple to use, Growbars simply need to be unwrapped, popped into a tray and placed in a sunny area.

Seedlings can be expected to sprout in 6-8 weeks with regular watering. There’s no guilt about getting rid of the bar’s packaging, either, as the film wrap is made from 100% biodegradable sugar cane, and the card packaging is widely recyclable.

Each handmade Growbar contains up to 30 seeds, in one of three ranges – Flowers, Edible and Heritage – which are based around themes such as The Bee Bar, Jane Austen Flowers or Medieval Herbs.

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