New package could improve cashflow for businesses

The bpma has negotiated a special package with Account Assyst to allow for all members to receive 100 free credit reports. The existing service has already been taken up by a number of members, so those members will get a reduction in their monthly cost dependent on what their usage is. The bpma also supports Direct Route as preferred debt collection agency, offering its members free debt chasing up to £3,000, and then just 2% over this amount.

Membership feedback on this service is always positive. Chasing overdue invoices is a time consuming burden and an unwelcome distraction that takes time away from more productive activities. Outsourcing seriously overdue debtors is never wrong – often when customers are not paying it is simply because they are paying somebody else. Long overdue customers expect to be chased – if you don’t they may not end up paying you at all.

A sale is never a sale until it is paid for.

Direct Route has a long  history of proven results for members of all sizes and standing. The combined package is worth a minimum of £600 per member, and is potentially worth thousands annually. It is priceless on occasion and could even prove to be the saviour of your business.

Members should ring Sam or Mike on 01274 223190, quoting their bpma membership number to discuss requirements and activate the free benefit.

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