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New European Promotional Products Organisation planned

The agenda for a new pan-European organisation promotional products organisation was set out at a meeting at PSI in January.

A number of European trade associations were represented, including the bpma, 2FPCP of France, BAPP of Belgium and PPP of the Netherlands, along with the existing EPPA board including Gabriele Moese (Fyfar) of Spain & Portugal, Kjell Harbom of NAPA Scandinavia, Annette Scott of Promota and Ralf Samuel of GWW Germany.

Michel Van Bavel of BAPP, Neal Beagles of the bpma and Yann Riou of 2FPCP proposed a number of ideas for the new organisation, but welcomed feedback from the group. One proposed name is the European Product Media Association.

Also present at the meeting were representatives from some of the largest suppliers in Europe, who asked a number of questions about how the group could be financed and represented. The presentation was based on a number of areas where collaboration could work including end-user research, legislation and product safety education, CSR, and industry data.

Some of the existing members of EPPA have been dissatisfied with the way the organisation has operated, and want a fresh start. A further meeting has been set in March for those trade bodies that want to be part of the proposed new organisation.

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