New diary and journal options from Gilt Edged incorporate wellbeing

Gilt Edged Promotions has launched the new myNo diary and new look myNo journal. First introduced in 2013, the myNo notebook range has been expanded to include a variety of colours, sizes, branding options and the ability to tailor the notebook with additional extras. They have become one of the company’s most popular products.

The new diary encompasses the modern styling of the myNo range and applies it to a diary layout featuring the dates and days of the week on one side, and a facing page for notes. The diary is available in three colours in a soft-touch material and includes the signature closing strap and ribbon marker. An updated myNo Journal has new features.

It combines note pages with undated diary pages to create a notebook experience perfect for bullet journaling. Gilt Edged has revisited the journal to encourage people to think about their wellbeing and ensure they’re using the journal in the most beneficial way. Added checklists help keep track of things such as hydration, exercise and sleep to inspire people to take more care of themselves, live healthier and prioritise their wellbeing.

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