New bpma Show Announcement

The new, and much awaited, bpma show at Silverstone on 14 September will allow member distributors to bring their top end user customers. 

Following feedback from a number of suppliers and distributors, the bpma has decided to allow end users to the show on the understanding they are guests of the distributor and therefore accompanied.

No end user will have access to the show without a distributor. This will be a great way for a distributor to really walk round with their clients to select a new collection, look at new ideas or understand better what their clients are looking for.

Gordon Glenister, director general, bpma, said: “The show is designed to inspire, engage and be innovative in its approach. We have so many new ideas which we are bringing to the show to help both bpma suppliers and distributors work better together. The end user accompaniment is nothing new and PSI will be doing just that in January 2017.” 

Glenister, who visited Haptica in Bonn in March added: “Wow what a show – suppliers, end users and distributors all worked well together. Everyone talks end user pricing and there is confidence in the supply chain.”

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