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NEW for 2017 – a whole new world of wood

Throughout 2016 we’ve been developing an exciting new range of real wood badges, merchandise and awards – unique to the UK promotional merchandise trade supply.

Working closely with an experienced cabinet maker, who we have known for 10 years now, we’ve developed this selection of exciting natural products to complement our existing range.

Wood is an amazing material to work with, complicated and sometimes frustrating, but the end products are well worth the endeavour. If you’re looking for a base material of consistent colour and appearance then wood may well not be for you. Being a completely natural material it has colour variations, blemishes, varying grain and other inconsistencies – but we like that, it adds greatly to the individuality of each order. A natural product has so much more character to it than man made materials and that character should come through rather than be hidden by using harsh chemicals.

So welcome to our whole new world of wood. We’ve enjoyed our journey in developing these items and guarantee to expand the range throughout this year and beyond.

For our wood products we are only using wood suppliers with full FSC certification and other recognised environmental standards to ensure that all our wood types are responsibly sourced for your customer’s peace of mind. Doing things this way makes our timber more expensive – but the cost is worth it. Responsible planting, managing and harvesting of timber by a proper supply chain for wooden products is god for the environment and all waste is either usable or recyclable.

All our wood products are finished with varnish or specialist oils and wax to give a natural satin finish. The type of finish varies according to product use, but all are chosen for their suitability and are ‘toy safe’ finishes conforming to EN71.

Engraving & Digital Printing on Wood

You have the choice with our wood products of laser engraving or digital printing in full colour your customer’s logos and other details. Each wood type has it’s own characteristics when laser engraved but all print well, with little variation in colour representation between the wood types. It’s all a simple case of personal preference really.

Types of wood

  • Cherry – Cherry varies from a pinkish brown to a deeper red brown. It is a great wood to engrave, producing a strong contrast and good clarity.
  • Oak – Oak is light to medium brown in colour. Engraving oak produces a distinctive ‘burnt’ effect unlike the other woods.
  • Walnut – Walnut can range from mid brown to dark chocolate brown. Engraves well but the darkness of the wood does give less contrast.
  • Beech – Beech is typically a crew colour, sometimes with a pink or brown hue. It produces a decent contrast on engraving.
  • Maple – Maple ranges from nearly white to an off white cream. It engraves well with good definition but the contrast between plain wood and engraved areas is less strong.

All items we offer are designed, printed and manufactured in our 11000 sq feet factory in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside.

No production element is farmed out to 3rd parties. We are a true British Manufacturer rather than an importer and decorator and all of the sheet materials we make our products from we hold huge stocks of, ensuring continuous supply.

Many of the products we manufacture are unique to us in the UK. A structured product development programme ensures new, high quality British manufactured products are introduced every year with 2017 seeing our biggest innovation yet with this whole new range in real wood.

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