Move Towards Sustainable Results

Education Day took on a new form this year focusing on what participants need to know to build their businesses.

The BPMA Education Day took place the day before Merchandise World. This year’s event took a new approach that looked to deliver actionable learning that was targeted at the particular requirements of the businesses and roles of those who took part.

Personal plan

Feedback has been great following the workshop which was facilitated by Bryony Thomas and aimed at exploring touchpoint leaks while re-imagining the sales funnel. Thanks to all those who took part in the day and completed the Profit Priority Profile.

Created by Bryony, this diagnostic tool produced a personalised 18-page Profit Priority Profile, putting your marketing leaks in order, with a 2-page action plan on the areas that the answers told us you most need to focus your marketing efforts.

Learning for all

It’s full of ideas of small tweaks that can be made to kick-start your journey to truly sustainable sales results. The results of this also gives the BPMA a member-wide indication of where it can assist in providing content, support or education. In February we had the pleasure of being able to extend the Profit Priority Profile to the rest of the BPMA membership.

The content worked for both distributors and suppliers. One of the delegates, Dave Kruk, sales manager at supplier Promo Trade Co said:“The BPMA Education Day was fantastic.From the minute it started we were completely engaged and involved with Bryony and she made everything relatable and fun.

I came out of the day with a new found energy and enthusiasm to change some of the processes we have internally to maximise engagement with our customers as well as improving customer service and marketing activity. I’ve already started going through the workbook with some colleagues to get their views and feedback and will eventually do this with everyone within Promo Trade Co. Thank you for an extremely informative, interactive and worthwhile experience.’


Speaking about the event, Bryony Thomas said: “The Education Day was incredible. Being able to work with people through the whole process, with time for people to think and ask questions meant that everyone could get enormous value for their businesses. I’ve never had so many follow-up emails from people telling me what a difference it’s already made.”

Once completed, a link was sent to download a digital copy of Bryony’s multi award winning book, Watertight Marketing. Jon Birrell CEO of the BPMA said:“I was so pleased with how the day went and that the audience was engaged and participating. The feedback forms also proved that the new training style workshop was a success, in addition to the added value with the Profit Priority Profile and follow-up webinar.

We’re looking forward to making the next one even better.” The BPMA would like to thank its Education Day sponsor PF Concept UK.

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