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Merchandise World Summary from Great Central Plastics

Great Central Plastics were once again exhibiting at a BPMA organised event – Merchandise World, alongside a number of other Briman members showcasing the benefits of British manufacturing, and all it has to offer.

Merchandise World was an exhibition championing a wide array of promotional merchandise. Including products from the plastics industry, clothing, glassware and many more. It was a truly eye catching event with products, ideas and people to meet the requirements of all those that visited.

Briman once again launched their treasure hunt to help increase engagement with visitors, providing them with the opportunity to win a guaranteed prize of a Cadbury’s chocolate box.

Visitors followed the treasure map route and visited all the Briman stands and received a sticker from each stand. Once all stickers had been collected they were able to redeem their prize and were entered into a raffle to win £150.00.

Those who took part in the treasure hunt were thoroughly impressed with the prize and many of whom were returning participants from the previous event.

The overall feedback from the show was positive with visitors emphasising that it is not only a good opportunity to meet new suppliers but it was also a great chance to catch up with existing suppliers and discuss new ideas and live enquiries face to face.

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