Merchandise World Stands Sold Out

With two weeks to go, Merchandise World has announced that all exhibitor space has sold out, giving the visitors an exciting range of products to discover.

Many of the industries professional distributors are registering on a daily basis to see the 200+ exhibitors at Merchandise World. The invited visitors will discover products from new and existing suppliers by walking the wide variety of exhibition stands, and with 560+ appointments having already been made it is clear that numerous people are going to take the opportunity to also have in depth conversations.

Merchandise World has tremendous support from the industry’s distributors and it is clear from the pre-registration activity that the event will be highly attended by key industry companies.

To register to visit Merchandise World at NAEC Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG on Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th September 2017, or for more information, please go to: 


About Merchandise World?

Merchandise World is a unique concept which combines a traditional exhibition, a networking event and optional appointments. The event is for all sales & administration teams, management and directors from invited professional distributor companies from across the UK & Ireland.

Our visitors can choose to see the latest and hottest products from the industry’s top suppliers in a traditional exhibition format, or by appointment in a Conversation Area on an exhibition stand, or on a Conversation Pod. There is no limit on the number of company personnel able to attend from any invited distributor company.

Over 1700 Professional Distributor Companies with approaching 4500 Visitors are invited to Merchandise World, from which over 650 Companies with 2500+ Team Members would be admitted free. The other professional distributors are also able to attend by paid (and potentially refundable) entrance. The Merchandise World Visitor Policy can be viewed at:

The entire UK promotional merchandise market spend is in excess of £950m. Merchandise World has tremendous support from the industry’s professional distributors and the expectation is that the majority of the industry’s top distributors will be attending the event.

Merchandise World is held twice a year in the key seasons: September (The Peak Season) and January (The New Year), which are the perfect times for professional distributors to see new products and to be reminded of top sellers.

Merchandise World is jointly owned by the BPMA and Sourcing City following the merger of The BPMA Show and Sourcing City Marketplace in 2017.

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