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Matt’s marathon effort Stateside

Matt Franks, CEO of Fluid Branding and chairman of the bpma, was preparing to run the New York Marathon as Product Media was going to press.

He is raising money for Pancreatic Cancer UK and, although he was running the marathon on November 1, you can still donate via

Matt (pictured) said: “Earlier this year I entered the New York Marathon on a whim, not dreaming of actually getting a place.  I got lucky through the ballot – first time – and so the hard work began.”

He has been training four to five times a week, steadily increasing his distance with each run. “I’ve never run this distance before but I’m confident of finishing.”

“I’ve funded my own entry and travel costs, and decided to run for Pancreatic Cancer UK. This is an underfunded, aggressive condition that has affected my own family, and those of close friends. Any money raised will help critical research and ultimately save lives.”

Adam added: “It isn’t the normal way to make a medal and there’s been a lot of sleepless nights and head scratching to get this to work because it technically is
very, very difficult. They will look different for that reason, although they look very simple and elegant.”

“He said they were very proud to be involved in the project. “It is immense pride, not just because we were chosen and selected to do the design but because we’re doing it for our country.”

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