Management buy-out of Hambleside Merchandise

Hambleside Merchandise directors, Suzie Munday and Jennie Scott have bought the business from parent company Grinterley Limited. The pair have been employed by the company for 15 years, achieving directorships in 2014. The company, which originally supplied diaries to the UK market, has been part of the Hambleside Group of companies since 1975.

Over the years its product range has developed with the assistance of the PAGE Partnership and a network of suppliers. Munday and Scott have driven the company forward embracing technology and promoting a customer centric ethos. They have more than 40 years’ experience distributing promotional merchandise, corporate incentives and branded clothing to clients in the UK and overseas.

Hambleside Merchandise is a BPMA Charter member, SEDEX registered, certified with BS EN ISO9001:2015 quality standards and committed to improving the customer experience when procuring merchandise for brand promotion. Suzie Munday, sales and marketing director, said: “This is a very exciting time for us all at Hambleside.

We have an excellent team and owe our success to their hard work and dedication. Each and every one of them is a true advocate of our brand, delivering excellent standards of customer service to our client base.” Jennie Scott, finance director, added: “We are in a strong position to take Hambleside Merchandise forward with confidence, setting our sights on further growth and great things to come.”

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