Magic Concepts Amazing Media

Barely a month goes by without a new digital service or game coming to market. The problem with many of these items is that they lack the tactile nature of promotional merchandise such as pens, stress toys or mugs. Because digital media exists online, it is hard for it to have the same playfulness as solid ‘stuff’.

However, augmented reality (AR) is promising to change all that by merging the tactile and digital in new and intriguing ways. AR produces a digital overlay to something that you are looking at in real life, typically through a mobile device. Pokemon Go is a good example, where you can track down cartoon characters in your real-life environment.

Magic Concepts has brought AR to the promotional world. The company has many imaginative folding puzzles that it offers to the market, such as its Magic Tile, Magic Cube
and Magic Can. The company is now able to offer AR to the products to make them even more engaging. So, for example, a brand could AR enable a spinning logo that would sit a top the Magic Cube, something that the recipient can play with and share via social media. The technology also allows a video to be played through AR and a ‘solid’ object to appear to the user.

Bizz Badge represents that company in the UK and is excited about the possibilities for this new technology.

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