Love Island water bottles soar to over 270,000 in the heatwave

“We’ve sold a huge 270,000 water bottles during the eight weeks of Love Island so are delighted to have helped out the nation during the recent heatwave! Reusable water bottles are a great way of being more environmentally friendly and this was considered across the show, where no single use plastic bottles were used by cast or crew.” an ITV spokesperson commented.

Love Island pulled in millions of viewers over the 8 week period and the awareness of the reusable drink bottles had maximum exposure, the message was very clear and strong.

We caught up with a few of our supplier members to see what impact the heat had had on their businesses.

One BPMA member commented “We’re seeing a spike on drinkware because of the ‘Blue Planet’ effect. I’ve seen a lot of prints with a message about saving the ocean and switching to re-usable drinkware”

A BPMA supplier member said “We have seen this year a dramatic increase in the sales of plastic and metal reusable water bottles. For the year to date we have processed over 50% more orders with an even higher percentage turnover increase in drinkware items. In the last 5-6 weeks the growth has been even higher. “

With the extra demand machine capacities are up to their maximum and in some cases new machines are on order.

“We’ve seen record numbers of drinkware going through the printroom. We are expecting new machinery next week to cope with demand.” Says a BPMA supplier member.

The hot weather does bring complications to the production of print.

BPMA supplier member said “Hot weather makes printing challenging, speed of print slows down whilst the inks dry up quicker, alongside it generally being more tiring,” adding, “We’re blessed with hard working staff who have worked tirelessly in tough conditions to get through the significant workload. “

Another BPMA supplier members said “It has been unbelievably busy! I have never known anything like it. The hot weather with many organisations looking for reusable, recyclable ways to keep their staff hydrated and we have been none stop for a couple of months. Through May, June and July are moulding machines have been running flat out 7 days a week (normally we run 4x 24hrs). On the printing front, our standard lead times have doubled and on certain products they have been over a month!” 

Saving the ocean/planet campaign is at the back of everyone minds and where it is possible to cut out single use plastic the population is embracing every opportunity.

“The weather has been absolutely amazing this year and we have seen a significant growth in sales of drinking bottles. Whether it be a bottle that can be recycled or a product that isn’t single use plastic and can be used over and over again, we have something to suit every requirement. Because we hold such large stocks we have been able to meet demand for a variety of modern styles that we supply in many colour variations. The proof is in the pudding and statistics don’t lie. During the period of fine weather, when you would expect to sell more bottles, we are 30% up between April and July compared to the period between April and September 2017, and we still have a couple of months to go!!” says a BPMA member

It’s not just the recyclable bottles that are hitting the spot!

New products are being introduced to meet this hot weather period a water ‘Bag’ and water ‘In a box’  tetra pack that can be personalised.

So if you want to stay hydrated and cool in this hot period brand it up and keep it planet friendly with ‘Promotional Products’.

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