Keeping in touch with your community

At times like these, businesses need support and many out there are facing changes no one anticipated a few months ago.

All over the UK, communities are coming together to keep an eye on the most vulnerable. Most local communities are setting up support groups to safely deliver urgent goods to those in self-isolation.

If you feel able, you may be able to lend your support to a local community group or keep an eye out for a friend or neighbour who needs help. Don’t forget to stay at least 2m apart and don’t take unnecessary risks to either your own health or theirs.

Sadly, it has also come to light that some unscrupulous criminals are preying on the fears of others by selling testing kits or promising to collect goods or groceries on behalf of vulnerable adults, even knocking on doors claiming to be there to test adults on behalf of the health authority.

The Local Government Association (The LGA) is advising people not to accept help from cold-callers.

This means being suspicious of anyone who offers help, either online or in person, the Local Government Association warned, after councils in Rochdale and south London received reports of attempted scams.

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