Keep Your Phone Close

Do you ever have that feeling that you don’t have enough hands, or pockets? A new product, invented by a British team, aims to solve that issue.

Photographer Sam Fairbrother and her colleague, music promoter Geoff Barke were fed up with dropping their phones and cameras down loos at Glastonbury, and the like, so came up with this ingenious rubberised phone cradle that fits snuggly round your phone and can be hung around your neck. The PhoneHug grips your phone securely and the lanyard is a robust cord that gives confidence that the phone is staying put.

The product is brought to the promotions market by Preseli and is great for festivals, camping, walking, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors. It provides the quick access to the phone that is essential for anyone who uses their smartphone for work or wants to keep their phone safe. Made of eco-friendly silicone rubber, it stretches and reverts back to its original shape, so when it’s stretched to fit around the top and bottom of your phone it grips tightly. The tough loop at the bottom means you can fit a carabine, or any other kind of coupling device, or simply hang it up.

More than just a phone cover or phone holder, PhoneHug is ideal for use at exhibitions, meaning that your phone is both safe and accessible while you concentrate on talking to visitors. 

The carabiner and lanyards are sold separately. An instruction leaflet can also be added into the individual packaging with a 1 colour print in 1 position at an additional cost. 

The PM Verdict: It’s gripping stuff.

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