Introducing: ID Card Centre

Give us a snapshot of the business.

Ben O’Brien (pictured) ran ID Card Centre for eight years before acquiring it in 2011. It provides ID card and name badge production services, badge printers, accessories and related technical services. It adopted ICEtags (In Case of Emergency) – small cards that attach to clothing and contain life-saving information such as medical conditions and. contact details. It has become an important partner to designers, merchandise wholesalers, events co-ordinators and end users throughout the UK and overseas.

What made you join the BPMA? 

The BPMA provides a unique opportunity to connect with other business owners in our industry and receive commentary from industry experts. This has become increasingly important to us during a steep growth period in which some friendly competitors have disappeared. Membership. also provides a valuable. independent seal of approval in. it’s Stamp of Trust.

How’s business at the moment?

Things are going extremely well. We’ve proven that we have a sustainable and safe business growth model, our staff are motivated and excited about the future, and we’ve started entering awards. So far we’ve been shortlisted in everything we’ve entered. In addition, revenue is profitably increasing, our online sales conversion rate has never been higher, and we’re about to move into larger premises.

What is your favourite promotional product?

Cam-block stickers are used to cover visitors’ or employees’ mobile phone camera lenses on sites containing objects or conditions that would be considered as sensitive, or confidential information if photographed. They are often branded with the logo of the organisation holding the sensitive information and are proving extremely popular. ICEtags are another favourite because they save lives.

What trends are you noticing?

We’ve noticed an increase in order volumes of Cam-block stickers and adhesive conference badge ribbons. Increasingly, customers prefer to place orders online and generally the only phone in if they need technical assistance. Also, our overseas sales are organically increasing.

Give us a prediction for the year ahead?

Smart ID cards will increase in popularity. We’d like to see more technological development – to merge the information commonly included on ID cards with hidden, but vital, information that we conceal within ICEtags. Just imagine how powerful this could be for large sports events, conferences and festivals.

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