Institute of Export: Trade Surgeries

Following the upheaval in recent weeks, The Institute of Export & International Trade have developed a new service to support those businesses who need to trade outside the UK.

International Trade Surgeries are provided by the Institute to provide expert consultancy on specific international trade topics of importance to businesses. The surgeries are available to all types of businesses from exporters, importers, freight forwarders, bank advisers and international trade intermediaries. All services provided are focused and specific to the business, providing a dedicated consultancy and support service.

What International Trade topics are covered?

  • Post Brexit Planning* (covering compliance and also reviewing trading opportunities)
  • Trade Compliance* (addressing the key compliance aspects that businesses must consider when trading internationally)
  • Trade Facilitation (looking at trading opportunities for businesses)
  • Commodity Code analysis*
  • Considerations on Customs Warehousing*
  • Considerations on Transit procedures*
  • Customs Special Procedures*
  • Rules of Origin*
  • Valuation for Customs purposes
  • Evidencing Proof of Export
  • Considerations on Authorised Economic Operator
  • Letter of Credit Management (reviewing key planning considerations for businesses when trading under Letter of Credit terms)
  • Effective Trade Finance

To access this service, visit the Institute of Export website here.

*Customs grants may be available to cover some of these costs. Find out more about grants here.

BPMA member? Access extra discounts

BPMA members receive a significant discount on Trade Surgeries. Please contact the BPMA for more information on this service.

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