Help Spread The Word

As merchandise professionals, we are well aware of the power of product media to influence customers, motivate staff, and to help communicate a message. Which is great. However, to stop us preaching to the converted who have already bought into merchandise as a marketing tool, we have to keep getting our message out to those who may be less familiar with its benefits. That is why the BPMA has formed an end user group.

This is a group of proactive BPMA distributors that want to communicate with customers and show the benefits of promotional merchandise over and above any other medium. It is important that we raise awareness of the power of promotional merchandise in a creative way and drive research to find out more about our end users and their buying habits to grow our industry.

We also want to support the sustainability and compliance messaging too, ensuring we communicate to key buyers, press and a wider audience that quality is paramount. In doing so, we also want to promote the advantages of buying from a BPMA member to show the importance of professionalism and compliance when choosing merchandise. Peace of mind and brand security are issues close to the heart of all end users, and we want to show that our members share these interests. The end user group also wants to improve the way we communicate in the digital world, to make sure we engage with modern buyers, understanding and addressing their needs.

To achieve this, the group will be working on fresh ideas and new initiatives and we need your help. We would love to hear from any business owners, marketers or other members with an understanding of end-user buyer behaviour. If you were an end user buyer in your previous role, get in contact. To find out more about how you can get involved with the BPMA End User group, contact Angela Wagstaff for a further discussion about what is involved and what you will get out of it. Contact Angela on

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