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Great Central Plastics scores with Dion’s Dube Shakers

Great Central Plastics has teamed up with former football star Dion Dublin for its latest project, Dube Shakers.

Dion worked with Great Central Plastics, using the company’s in-house product development service. He gave them the design to replicate and the task of playing around with different materials and contents to perfect the array of different musical sounds that the Dube Shakers offer.

The Dube Shakers are cube percussion instruments, launched by Dion himself. 

Available in vibrant, eye-catching colours, each offers a different sound when shaken.

Tony Phillips, managing director of Great Central Plastics, said: “This has been an exciting project for us to work on and we are extremely pleased, as is Dion Dublin, with the end result. The Dube Shakers really are an innovative creation, and seeing the passion when Dion plays is mesmerising.”

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