Goodbye to plastic sweet wrapping

The Promotional Candy Company has announced that its packaging is now completely plastic-free.

Recognising the need for eco-friendly products, the Blackpool business has worked hard to source packaging for its candy that is entirely plastic-free, investing in packaging materials which are biodegradable or compostable. The film that the rock is wrapped in or bagged into is called NatureFlex NK and is completely compostable.

The Polythene bags used are treated with Revert which renders them biodegradable. The company’s cardboard boxes are reusable and recyclable and the tape used to fasten them is paper.

Finally, any loose fill in the box is biofil which is reusable and compostable. As well as using eco-friendly packaging, the company’s rock sweets and rock bars are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. There are no animal products, no dairy, no gluten, no gelatine, no sulphites, no allergens and no nuts in the candy. Sugar-free ingredients are also available.

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