Goldstar Global Launches, Creating an International Promotional Products Supplier-Manufacturer

Goldstar has launched Goldstar Global, uniting its teams in North America and Europe to offer best-in-class promotional products, innovative decoration capabilities, and valuable business solutions to its growing base of distributor customers.

Howard Cubberly, previously general manager of its North America division, has been promoted to lead Goldstar Global. Colin Loughran of Goldstar Europe headquarters in Dundalk, Ireland and RJ Hagel, who was previously the marketing manager of Goldstar North America will also have new global leadership roles that have been established in Europe and North America to continue to bridge the collective strengths of both regions. Colin Loughran who will continue to lead as the general manager of the Europe site will now also be a key player in global product design and merchandising strategy. RJ Hagel will now manage marketing teams for both sites as the global marketing manager.

Drawing upon the strengths of its manufacturing facilities and support teams currently in place in North America and Europe, Goldstar Global is uniquely positioned to quickly fulfill and deliver international orders. The North America and Europe teams are now focusing on the launch of a Global Goldstar brand to create a cohesive look and common customer experience across all markets.

Howard Cubberly brings more than 25 years of industry experience to his new role as the global supplier’s general manager and will be managing the business out of its San Diego headquarters. During Cubberly’s 5-year leadership of Goldstar North America, the team consistently grew its business by double digits year over year.

“I’m excited at the opportunity to bring the Goldstar brand together globally,” said Cubberly.

Colin Loughran says: “Goldstar Global will be a tremendous benefit to our customers in Europe as they will soon be able to offer a wide range of innovative new products that are already exciting the market in North America.”

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