Full marks for Arcadia Corporate Merchandise

At the end of March, the bpma education programme saw Sam McCarthy, Kirstie Woods and Liane Tate from Arcadia Corporate Merchandise take their TPM exam after eight months of studying. The TPM learners sat a timed and invigilated exam answering 30 industry specific questions in just 20 minutes. A score of 80% or more was needed to be awarded the pass.

Kirstie scored an impressive 100% in her exam – the third learner in the history of the education programme to achieve full marks. Sam and Liane scored more than 90%.

Kirstie said: “I signed up on the course to learn about the different branding methods. Learning made me realise how little I knew about the branding methods and about the products I sell. I was surprised that I achieved 100% as I was sure I had got two questions wrong. After hearing my results, I had a little cheer with everyone on the office and got back to work, although I did have a nice stiff drink when I got home.”

Sam said: “The company offered the course to us and it was too good to pass up. I think to be educated in the industry you work in is very valuable. My favourite topic was confectionery, you can never know enough about chocolate and sweets. When Daniela told me the results I was extremely relieved and really proud of myself in what I had achieved.”

The bpma education programme is a flexible learning resource tool which supports and develops the knowledge of bpma members. At TPM level learners are tested to ensure industry fundamentals, product categories and branding applications are understood. As TPM graduates, the Arcadia candidates can now use the TPM letters after their name and use a logo on communications and marketing collateral to show suppliers and customers that they are trained to the industry standard.

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