Factory visits offer hands-on experience

The bpma education programme factory visits were a real success for the summer and autumn seasons and prove to be a highlight of the learning journey. The factory visits have been created to complement the course content for the Trained in Promotional Merchandise (TPM) level qualification, allowing learners to engage with suppliers, see theory in practice and gain hands-on production experience.

Commenting on the benefi ts of a factory visit, Listawood’s sales director Sim Shalom reports: “It’s useful to be able to spend time helping learners to gain a better understanding of the many printing and production processes involved in the accurate branding and manufacturing of a wide range of ceramic products and other best-selling items.”

Daniel Muddle from Sussex Promotions, who has recently passed his Trained in Promotional Merchandise qualification, attended a factory visit hosted by Premier Impressions as part of his learning. He says: “I absolutely loved the factory visit: it was great to see the processes that happen after we place an order with a supplier. It has shown me that the amount of time and preparation and manual labour that goes into each order is paramount. My time with Premier Impressions really did help cement the branding application processes into the mind – I feel more confident when I speak to customers now.” Daniel is currently working towards his Certifi ed in Promotional Merchandise (CPM) qualification.

The bpma are delighted with the feedback and success of the factory visits. “When you are new to the industry, there is so much to learn and take in that seeing it with your own eyes and hearing about printing and production from the experts themselves really helps the knowledge sink in,” says Daniela Arena, bpma professional development manager. “We will be launching a factory visit agenda for the programme in spring 2016 and encourage all the learners registering on the programme to sign up and attend at least one regardless of level or number of years’ experience.”

For further details, please email Daniela@bpma.co.uk and ask what a factory visit can do for you.

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