Event Merchandising achieves BPMA Charter status

The BPMA is delighted to announce that Event Merchandising has become its newest member to be awarded charter status. Event Merchandising joins the 44 charter members who represent the most respected and reputable companies within the industry.

It is the ultimate in industry standards and promotes the highest level of business practice and customer service including:

  • Qualityassurance
  • Product conformity
  • Continuity of service and product
  • Ethical and environmental values
  • Financial security
  • Trust and transparency

Daniela Arena, BPMA head of education & best practice said: “We are delighted to award Event Merchandising with our Charter Status. The BPMA Charter is the ultimate symbol of safety of a quality supplier to the end-user. Our charter members have had to earn charter status and submit a series of documented evidence of customer service policies, complaints policies and an environmental policy among others. They are audited annually to ensure they are providing continuity and quality of supply. As a trade association, some end-users contact us as they prepare to go to tender. In this scenario, we only recommend our charter members as it confers reliability, a minimum yet high standard of expectations, and provides peace of mind for the corporate buyer. This is not just another logo to add, this is a clearer differentiator for peers. Our members have earnt this status and are exemplars of best practice.”

The Charter Status is aimed at increasing the level of professionalism of both distributors and suppliers, as it is becoming increasingly apparent that more end users are seeking to purchase campaign product through a recognised supply chain.

BPMA Charter members are perceived to add essential core values to the supply process, with creativity, safety and professionalism being implicit. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the BPMA Charter Status is working successfully in conferring trust and reliability in its holders.

For more information on the BPMA Charter status visit https://www.bpma.co.uk/membership/charter-status/ or email Daniela Arena on daniela@bpma.co.uk.

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