Euro Vision – Trade Show Season

BPMA members headed to Düsseldorf for the start of the trade show season

January’s rebooted PSI show attracted 17,602 visitors to see 1,084 exhibitors. The 2019 version of the trade show combined PSI, PromoTex Expo and viscom with the ambition of becoming Europe’s largest combined event for advertising and selling.

More than half of the exhibitors came from outside Germany, representing a total of 38 countries. Three in one The new trade show network consisted of six exhibition halls filled with creativity and inspiration, live performances and future labs.

The three events covered nearly the entire range of ‘below-the-line’ marketing under one roof. PSI catered for the promotional products industry; a repositioned viscom is Europe’s leading trade fair for visual communication, and the newly created PromoTex Expo, was conceived as the international trade show for promotion, sports and workwear.

“The time was ripe to create a new, central hotspot for all things advertising and selling, without losing sight of the independent existence and identity of each of the respective industries,” said Petra Lassahn, the director of the three shows.

Michael Freter, managing director of Reed Exhibitions Deutschland, said the show was an outstanding result that made a clear statement on the international level. “A real power pack that represents virtually all the key players across all areas of visual, textile and haptic advertising – the trendsetters and innovators of the market.”

International focus The level of internationality was high with 58% of visitors travelling from outside Germany and one in seven of them from overseas. A total of 81 countries were represented in Düsseldorf. Market data on the European promotional products industry was revealed at the show.

The first market analysis designed to capture Europe-wide trends showed that the promotional products industry turns over €14.9 billion in Europe annually.

The Tech consult study ‘Industry Structure Analysis 2017-19’ was conducted in cooperation with the PSI and supported by a total of 13 partners and associations.

The study shows that more than a third of total European sales are generated by micro-enterprises with less than ten employees, making them the industry’s main source of revenue alongside large companies with more than 250 employees. Together, both account for more than half of all sales.

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