Ethical benchmark achieved by R&JP

R&JP International can report excellent results in its recent Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) conducted by Intertek.

The SMETA-Pillar audit covers a range of areas, including labour standards, health and safety, management systems, entitlement to work, subcontracting and homeworking, environment assessment, and business ethics.

This is just one of the steps R&JP International has put in place to ensure that its products and production facilities comply to the highest standards, to meet the demand for ethically sourced and compliant products from its clients.

It is R&JP’s policy to supply high quality services and products which are fit for their intended purpose and meet customers’agreed expectations in accordance with the company’s delivery targets. To achieve this aim the company is committed to the quality management system it has set in place to check production runs multiple times throughout for product and print quality to conform to, or exceed, the standards of ISO9001:2008.

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