EcoSense looks to understand sustainability

The PenWarehouse and Snap Products is looking to shed light on how environmental issues affect the merchandise sector through a new initiative called EcoSense.

Primarily a blog that will focus on sustainability, EcoSense claims to provide a platform to share practice, product innovation, and inspirational ideas from inside and outside of the promotional merchandise industry.

Each Wednesday, a brand-new blog will be published. Recent posts have looked at issues such as the Environmental Bill, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and understanding environmental jargon. EcoSense will carry out research to provide the information necessary for customers to make real, meaningful changes.

The idea is to arm customers with the facts so that they can make the best choices in business practice and product selection. EcoSense will make use of the company’s in-house R&D chemist to provide sustainable product options, services, and business choices.

The two companies moved into a new headquarters just before Christmas and the new premises have been adapted to include a host of features to ensure the company continues its sustainability journey, reducing emissions wherever possible. The premises allow them to start with a clean slate in terms of the layout and facilities, as well as the environmental characteristics that should be adopted during the year-long refit and refurbishment.

These sustainable features will be covered in future EcoSense posts. EcoSense would like to hear from the industry on topics of interest, areas of concern or general questions related to sustainability. Get in contact at and follow the series at

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