Dream Big and Innovate

When it comes to promotional merchandise everyone wants something new and innovative, to advertise their brand. But what does innovation really mean?

If you look for a definition of innovation on Google, it will come up with more than 300 million results. I believe that the best definition of innovation is turning an idea into a solution that adds value from a customer’s perspective.

As promotional merchandise suppliers, that’s exactly what we should all be striving for. If innovation is just coming up with a new product or concept, without any idea on how it benefits the customer, then inevitably that product will fail. As suppliers, we need to talk to and listen to distributors, to find out exactly what the end user is looking for. It might be that we need to innovate by improving upon an existing product, or it may be that we need to come up with a completely new promotional product to meet the end user’s needs. But either way, it all starts by striking up a conversation and ‘thinking outside the box’ to come up with an idea.

So, what happens then? Well, we take this rough idea, refine it, experiment with it and eventually turn it into a real product that meets the customer’s needs. Once the product is ready to launch,
we then give our distributors the tools to effectively market it to end users.But what if your customer’s requirements

But what if your customer’s requirements are completely unique? You need a supplier you can work with, to create imaginative products that have a purpose but are designed solely for your customer’s brand. Well, that’s when it’s time to go bespoke. Don’t worry, that’s not as scary, time-consuming or as costly as it sounds. At SPS, we have a dedicated team of tool-makers that can turn something from your customer’s imagination, into real and effective promotional products. Want to find out more? Visit the SPS Ideas Lab at Merchandise World to discover just how easy it can be, to create innovative custom-made promotional gifts.

Phil Morgan is managing director of SPS.

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