Distinctive is sustainably sweet

Distinctive Confectionery is encouraging companies to treat their clients and respect the planet with its range of sustainable and environmentally friendly Lindt and premium branded chocolates.

All of its premium Lindt, Milka, Ritter Sport, and Sarotti, products are now climate neutral, meaning all the carbon used in the manufacturing of the calendars has been offset through a climate-neutral project in the Congo.

The products are DIN-ISO 9001 certified to ensure optimal and sustainable production. All products have a climate-neutral mark and registration number printed on them. In addition, all of Distinctive’s premium chocolate suppliers are committed to Responsible Farming Projects. Lindt, has its own cocoa farming project. Milka, has a project called, Cocoa Life. Ritter Sport has had a 100% sustainable programme since 2018, and Sarotti has been producing UTZ certified chocolate for a number of years.

Products are printed with the responsible farming logo for the relevant chocolate suppliers. Distinctive also offers two Fairtrade advent calendars and its premium branded products are all printed on FSC certified material with the FSC certification mark.

All products are made from recycled material up to 80% and are 100% recyclable. In addition, there are some Advent calendars that are plastic-free and one that is completely biodegradable. Any product that is used with foil or plastic is made using products that are material reduced. Products will come with the 100% recyclable icon and indicate if this is the carton or the entire packaging.

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