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This year’s BPMA student design award saw students from Nottingham Trent University tasked with devising a product that had an extended life cycle.

This year’s BPMA student design award has been won by Micael French of Nottingham Trent University (NTU), with a promotional product designed to exploit the burgeoning festival market.

French designed a portable branded seat which would be redeemed with purchase at events and could subsequently collapse back to flatpack and hung on a wall as a reminder of the event. His design was chosen as the winner following a day of presentations by students taking the product design course at NTU. The judging was held at the Birmingham offices of marketing agency Inner Workings, where a panel headed by Simon Dipple, Inner Workings’ UK managing director sat through presentations and quizzed students on their designs.

The winner, who received a cash prize, said the inspiration came from sitting on wet muddy ground at his first festival. “I started off thinking about the promotional gifts that are handed out at these events,” he said. “I also have on my bedroom wall a number of posters from festivals I’ve attended, and this gave me the idea of a functional festival stool which could be then
be taken home and used as a poster. This had the added advantage of meeting one of the brief’s requirements of extending the product’s life cycle thus extending the brand’s exposure.”

Dr Joseph Stewart, senior lecturer on the product design course at NTU, said: “The BPMA competition was hotly contested this year, with a broad range of superb work being submitted. As always, the lure of such a lucrative competition brought about excellent levels of engagement amongst all students.”He added: “Itisanhonour to have been offered the chance to bring the competition exclusively to NTU this year. This is testament to the high standard of work submitted to the competition in past years -coupled with a rich history of prizewinners.

”Other products devised by students included a wristband dog lead; a reusable carrier bagholder, and a bike buddy cupholder.

On winning the award, French said: “I am delighted and very proud to have won the BPMA student design award. I really enjoyed meeting the Inner Workings team and it was a great experience to be shown around their facility.”

The 2018 Student Designers

Michael French – winner
Shenese Newton – runner up
Joshua Wright – 2nd runner up
Chris Barnes
Jenny Grace
Megan Gillon
Oliver William

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