Demand for bottles soars with heat and Love Island

ITV has revealed that it sold 270,000 water bottles during the eight weeks of its summer Love Island series. The broadcaster is the latest company to try and tackle its plastic consumption. “Reusable water bottles areagreat way of being more environmentally friendly and this was considered across the show, where no single use plastic bottles were used by cast or crew,” an ITV spokesperson said.

Love Island pulled in millions of viewers and the awareness of the reusable drink bottles had maximum exposure. Product Media caught up with BPMA supplier members to see what impact the heat has had on their businesses. One member said: “We’re seeing a spike on drinkware because of the ‘Blue Planet’ effect. I’ve seen a lot of prints with a message about saving the ocean and switching to re-usable drinkware.”

Another supplier added: “We have seen this year a dramatic increase in the sales of plastic and metal reusable water bottles. For the year to date we have processed over 50% more orders with an even higher percentage turnover increase in drinkware items.

In the last 5-6 weeks the growth has been even higher.” With the extra demand machine capacities are up to their maximum and in some cases new machines are on order to cope, with one supplier saying record numbers of drinkware items were being printed.

However, hot weather has brought complications to the production of print, said one supplier: “The speed of print slows down while the inks dry up quicker, alongside it generally being more tiring. We’re blessed with hard working staff who have worked tirelessly in tough conditions to get through the significant workload.”

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