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Creative thinking + creative working = successful business outcomes

Don’t leave creative thinking to the creatives. Anyone can give birth to a big idea, says Phil Morgan, CEO, SPS

As CEO of an innovative and creative manufacturer, I often get asked where our ideas come from and how we kick-start the creative process. It’s a good question. Albert Einstein described creativity as ‘intelligence having fun’, and that’s a great description of our approach.

When it comes to being creative, it’s not just about the products, it’s about the way we approach production, the way we brand them, the way we market them and the way we work with our customers.

The biggest mistake you can make is to think that all the best ideas will come from your dedicated creative teams. At SPS, we like to involve the whole company. Any member of our team could have that next winning idea, so we encourage and reward great ideas. It’s essential to encourage creative thinking across all areas of your business – and it helps everyone to see they’re a crucial part of your team.

When it comes to harvesting creativity, it’s all about where you seek your inspiration. We follow a range of approaches at SPS, and the great thing is we apply this style of thinking not just to products, but to the ways we operate with customers as a whole. In a nutshell, we like to follow one of the routes below:


Can we adjust a design to make it better? Can we change the material, branding method or design to offer better value for money? Can we change the way we serve our customers? Following this line of thought led us to the launch of the Brite-Americano reusable coffee beaker, adding full colour print to a popular product.


Can we adapt the use of something to serve a greater audience? Can we take an existing design and tweak things to create something new? Can we change our processes to serve customers better? This approach led to the Americano family growing with the Americano Grande, Americano Primo and Americano Medio joining the range as adaptations of the main line.


Do our customers experience problems with products or services where we can create a simple solution? Is there a clear gap in the market for a particular type of product? Are there limitations with certain products where we could offer choice? This approach led to the creation of the H2O Active range of sports bottles, stepping into a clear gap in the market. 

These are just some of the approaches we take when it comes to creativity, and there are many more ways to approach the subject. The most important thing to remember about creativity, is that it’s essential. You can’t stand still in this market. Our customers and your customers will always demand more new ideas, better processes, and innovative suggestions of how to promote their brand. So if you want to succeed, keep creativity high up on your agenda.

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