Creating quality product images at no cost

Suppliers and distributors alike seek to show off their products in the best possible light. Preseli, along with many other companies in the promotional industry, spends huge amounts of money on high quality photographs, to ensure the products are perfectly presented for printed and online media as well as being blown up and enlarged on presentation banners and exhibition stands.

However, on occasion and with particular products that allow for it, Preseli tries to do something a little differently with their photographs and importantly produce them at zero cost.

According to Preseli’s marketing manager, Michael Wilson, the process involves three very simple steps:  

Firstly, find willing volunteers from sources such as your colleagues or family members. willing volunteers can’t be found then move swiftly on
to unwilling volunteers and use persuasive techniques to cajole them into taking part. Mike suggests chocolate and promises of international fame as used on his two daughters when they modelled Preseli’s new Rockabilly Retro Hairband.

Secondly, allow the models to do their own hair and makeup.  This was perhaps the most challenging role for Mike as he had to watch his middle daughter apply bright red lipstick to herself and then proceed to beautify her little sister with a whole range of products that were frankly beyond his comprehension.

Thirdly, use natural lighting wherever possible. This simple step saves a small fortune on expensive lighting equipment. However, Preseli does have some old photographic lights that Mike was able to use at no additional cost when his colleagues, Bec & Dani, generously volunteered to have their pictures taken for the Rockabilly Retro Headband and our new range of Sunglasses.

The results are great fun and the images are of a high quality. They also have the added benefi t of allowing customers to put a face to the name of some Preseli’s wonderful staff. You can view these image on the Preseli website, where the Rockabilly Retro Hairband can be found under the Ties, Scarves and Wearables category.

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