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In 2017, technology will become even more closely aligned to our daily lives. Be prepared, says Matt Pluckrose

Neither AI (artificial intelligence) nor machine learning (computers making decisions) are new. However, the extent to which they will become the basis of our daily lives cannot be underestimated. Everything from medicine, to risk assessment, to the rise of human computers that drive us around and act as personal assistants, is about to get very real.

Intelligent (smarter) apps

Not all machine learning or AI will be directed at assisting humans. Many smart systems will use their AI to interact with other computer systems. From personal virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, to a business calendar that deduces what you need to know about the other attendees in your next meeting, the apps are getting smarter.

Intelligent Devices 

The physical things that make up our environment are becoming more intelligent, ranging from complex industrial equipment to smart cars, smart padlocks, lifestyle wearables and light bulbs. Some of that intelligence will be used to improve the experience humans have in relating to the items, but some will be used for these smart devices to communicate with other parts of the Internet of things. 

Virtual and augmented reality

These technologies are now everywhere and costs will drop rapidly. This will have a large effect on our promotional marketing field as many brands will use it to promote their products. Luxury cars, TV, holidays, entertainment, gaming and movies are just a few sectors involved.

Speech activated Systems

Many of us think we talk and no one listens, but a rapidly growing number of us are likely to be using voice and speech as one of the primary means of interacting with computers through tools such as Amazon Echo. Many computer systems are even using tools like ‘chatbots’ to initiate conversational interaction. Many of us will find our worlds transformed by voice soon.

The changing face of technology will dramatically affect ways of promoting brands and businesses. Keeping up with changing technology is a must if we are to stay current and offer products which appeal to tomorrow’s marketers and their consumers.

Matt Pluckrose is managing director of Desktop Ideas

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