Company removed from bpma membership

The bpma has removed Blindside Marketing, a merchandise sourcing house, from its membership due to an unresolved complaint and a contravention of the bpma Code of Conduct.

Fellow bpma member Mosaic Marketing tried to source some bespoke tea towels through Blindside Marketing. Unfortunately, the resulting order process was a catalogue of disasters and poor communication back to Mosaic.

As with all complaints, a number of attempts were made to Blindside to respond to the complaint, all of which were ignored.

Gordon Glenister, director general of the bpma, commented: “We expect certain high standards to be adhered to by all of our member companies as indicated in our Code or Conduct and unfortunately this company has failed on a number of levels.”

“We have tried unsuccessfully to bring this case to a satisfactory conclusion but this was not made possible by our requests being repeatedly ignored.”

“We cannot condone this behaviour and subsequently have been left with no alternative but to remove Blindside Marketing from the membership.”

There was no comment from Blindside Marketing.

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