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Closer to home

Leicester City winning the Premiership from 500 to 1 odds was a miracle for fans, including bpma member Ash Patel, MD of Printvision (pictured), who said: “We haven’t spent hundreds of millions on players. The bulk of the team is still the same. It’s the whole success story – where they’ve come from to where they are now. I’m proud to be a Leicester fan and proud to say I’m from Leicester.”

Leicester City’s march to the Premier League title has also been accompanied by a boost in sales revenue, with global exports of club merchandise more than doubling this season.

According to statistics released by DHL, the club’s official logistics partner, the US is now importing more Leicester shirts, mugs and general merchandise than any other country.

Merchandise has been exported to 66 countries, with Claudio Ranieri and the forward, Shinji Okazaki, boosting sales in Italy and Japan respectively. Local businesses also reacted positivity, buying flags and other forms of merchandise to support the team. 

It is clear that branded merchandise has a real part to play in sport, not just as a memento or giveaway, but as a revenue generator.

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