The Clinic is Now Open

Being in charge of a small business means having to master many skills. Asking advice from peers and experts can help, and the BPMA’s new resource aims to funnel the best advice to readers.

Welcome to the inaugural Small Business Clinic column, a brand-new resource for BPMA members. We’re open for business and our expert panel is ready and able to provide answers to your most pressing questions, so let’s get started.

Many of us know only too well that running a business can be both challenging and rewarding in equal measure and there are times you may need some expert advice and support. The Small Business Clinic accesses the suite of vital services and resources provided by the BPMA to provide you with professional, practical assistance. Whether you are an established business with a specific issue you need to address, or a start-up looking for advice across a number of areas, the Clinic is there to help with the growth, development and protection of your business.

This is your chance to learn from our range of experts who will help you with anything from strategy, business structure, succession planning, finance, marketing, HR, training and employment law to apprenticeships, contractual disputes, intellectual property and compliance. You may also have questions in relation to some of the most topical issues of the day, including the implications of Brexit and the risks presented by the rise of cybercrime.

So, fire away! Whatever your queries or concerns, do get in touch and we’ll address one topic in each issue, helping you make your business the best it can possibly be.

Ask the experts

Here are some examples of the questions we most commonly receive at the BPMA and which we will try and answer through the business clinic. But feel free to send us your own queries.

1. What is the best way to recruit and retain staff in our industry?

2. How do I overcome pricing objections, such as ‘I can buy this cheaper online’?

3. How do I rank my website on page 1 of google?

4. What are reasonable payment terms and how do I collect debt easily without losing a client?

5. How can I access up-to-the-minute industry research?

6. How do I ramp up our social media activity? What are some best practices that can be implemented to maximise success?

7. What essential information do I need to know about product safety?

8. What do I do in the event of a contractual dispute?

9. What is the BPMA’s definition of an industry customer?

10. Can my business take on an intern or apprentice?!

To comment on the questions above, or if you have a new question to pose, please get in touch.

Melissa Chevin is marketing director at Globefish Consulting and a BPMA board director

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